Pohnpei 2015 mega swell

In 2015 Asher Pacey, Davey Cathels, Laura Enver and Chris Enver on motion flew with me and to Pohnpei to join up with Andrew Shields, Mikey Wright, Jay Davies, Matt Banting and Jimmy Graham shooting motion for them. Alex grey flew in from Hawaii to join us According to Allois the owner of Pohnpei surf club, this still, to this day, is one of the biggest, if not the biggest swell they have ever had there. Shane Dorian scored a similar swell a few years before. It was a four day swell window. One Massive day, somewhere in the 10 to 12 feet Hawaiian range. With the other 3 days of fun waves either side. What unfolded on that day was a master class in big wave barrel surfing.  Little Laura Enver set the bar so high for woman's big wave surfing. While the boys without a doubt were just insane to watch. Mikey Wright, Jay Davies and Alex Grey were so at home in the massive pits. I don't think I have ever seen surfing like it. This not to say Asher and Davey and Matt were not. They all got waves that day, the likes of I have never seen before . As with every great surf trip our final night on the island was a Long Island Ice Tea karaoke affair. Huge to say the least Paying for broken furniture, lost clothes, people asleep in the back of trucks. Plus some crew didn't make it home. Whats the saying "what goes on trip, stays on trip" Haha! In the crazy times that we are all in now with the coronavirus running wild. I hope you enjoy this gallery I have put together for you. Stay healthy everyone. Before you know it we will all be back travelling again.